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I took some buyers to see a house recently. It was my first showing. New to the real estate business, I shadowed another realtor. We arrived early and took a look at the house before the buyers arrived.

We opened the front door and walked in to what looked to me like either a natural history museum or a serial killer’s trophy room. It was filled with 30+ dead animal heads hanging on the walls, a pair of stuffed coyotes and a zebra rug. Maybe this kind of entrance would impress you. But for me, it was a turn off. It just wasn’t my thing. Especially being an animal lover, animal rights supporter and vegan, it really was not my thing.


When it comes to staging your home for buyers, be sure to remove items that speak strongly to your personality.

Say, for instance, you’re a college football fan. Your team is Michigan, but you walk into a room filled with Ohio State paraphernalia. Or maybe you are creeped out by clowns and “Chuckie” movies, but during your house hunt, your realtor walks you into a room filled with clown dolls, marionettes and mannequins  — staring, smiling…waiting.

You get the idea. Theses types of environments might trigger such an emotional response you cringe and want to turn around and walk out, never to return and certainly not to buy that home.

So, rule No. 1 I’ve learned so far about home selling: When it comes to staging your home for buyers, be sure to remove items that speak strongly to your personality or lifestyle.You’ve got to depersonalize. Your space for sale should be more neutral, appealing to a wide variety of buyers, allowing a buyer to be able to envision their own style in their potential new home.

If you’re listing your home for sale, there are three simple things you can do to depersonalize and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

The following three items are described in detail in the article “What is depersonalization? Stage your home to appeal to buyers” , published on “Blue Matter,” Coldwell Banker’s blog.

  1. Neutralize – By removing personal items such as pictures and framed degrees along with utilizing neutral colors, it is much easier for home buyers to see how their own furniture and personal style would mesh with the house they are viewing. Placing neutral-colored throw pillows on your couch and having complementary wall colors and window treatments, you create an inviting space for people of all tastes.
  2. Clean – Have your home thoroughly cleaned before showing it. A clean home is much more inviting and appealing to potential buyers than a home with dust, clutter, and dirt. Be sure to tidy up every morning or evening. For example, unwashed dishes in the sink, an unmade bed, and dirty laundry overflowing in a laundry basket are unappealing.
  3. Extra Touches
    • Make sure the trashcans are empty and the toilet lids are down. Remember to stow away grooming items such as makeup, toothbrushes and shaving kits.
    • Turn on some lights. In rooms without windows or rooms with heavy drapes, turn on lamps and recessed lights. An adequately lit home is warm and comforting to buyers.
    • Place flower arrangements in communal spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms. Fresh flowers bring a cozy, earthy feel into a home without being too personal.
    • Consider using mild air fresheners throughout your home, especially near trashcans, pet areas, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Avoid overpowering fragrances, though, as they may distract buyers.

By depersonalizing your home and appealing to a broad range of buyers, you increase the likelihood of receiving a viable offer and decrease the likelihood that your home will sit on the market for an extended period.


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