How to Start Repairing & Rebuilding Your Credit Report Today

Did you know that someone with less-than-perfect credit will pay $200K to a million dollars MORE in interest over their lifetime than a person with good credit?


More than 43 percent of Americans have a credit score under 599? Even a credit score between 600-699 isn’t stellar and can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars — money that should be going into your retirement or towards your current quality of life. Instead you’re paying towards interest, leaving you less money each month to live, and putting you even more behind on your bills.

A lower credit score can prevent you from buying a home, leasing a car or qualifying for a credit card. Your credit can also affect whether or not you get hired, as many more employers are including a credit check, along with the more typical background check.

Maybe you’re like millions of other Americans and you’v got some obstacles with your credit. Maybe you’ve been looking for a solution.

I have the solution — a life-changing solution for you to significantly improve you credit score over the next 90 days, 6 months, 9 months and for years to come. With better credit, you’ll have more choices and freedom. You’ll have more money to spend on travel, retirement or your home.

What if you could invest in your financial future, starting today, for less than half of the price of a Starbucks coffee and a quarter of the price of a trip through the fast food line?

Well, you can. It’s called the FES Protection Plan, from Financial Education Services.

For just $2.85, that’s two dollars and 85 cents a day — aroud the price of a bag of chips and a soda, you could change your financial destiny, and maybe even your waistline.



June 9th, 2017 by