How Your Rental History Can Increase Your Credit Score (with video)

Increase Your Credit Score within 10 Days, just by paying rent…

How to improve your credit by reporting your positive rental payment history to the credit bureaus

Step 1: Sign up for RentReporters

RentReporters contacts your landlord to verify up to 2 years of rental history. They report to Transunion only. RentReporters’ customers see an the average increase in their score of 35-50 points within 10 days, according to the website’s FAQs.

Coupon Code for

Sign up by clicking the green sign-up button in the top right corner of It’s $49 one time payment to use the service and $9.95 a month thereafter. Normally it’s $59 to start, but use this COUPON CODE for $10 offBA969 — at checkout. Once you’ve entered the discount code, make sure to press the “APPLY” button.

See RentReporters FAQs

Step 2: Ask your landlord to report your rent using eRentPayment

This service allows landlords to collect your rent through the system and report current and future rent payments to ALL THREE credit bureaus for just $3 per transaction. (They can increase your rent $3 if they don’t want to pay this.)

This service doesn’t report previous rental history, but the positive credit reporting starts now. It will take 2-3 months to start showing up on your credit report.

See eRentPayment FAQs


Late Rent – Rent isn’t reported late or negative to the credit bureaus unless it’s over 30 days late with RentReporters and 15 days late with eRentPayment. eRentPayment allows a landlord to include a late fee in the rent payment, but the transaction won’t be reported late to the credit bureaus automatically. The landlord would have to purposely adjust the transaction to report it negatively. Otherwise, it’s reported as an on-time payment.

Pros & Cons – The benefit of eRentPayments is that it reports to all three credit bureaus, the downside is they don’t report past rental history and the tenant has to rely soley on the landlord or property manager to participate. The benefit of RentReporters is that it reports up to two years rental history, but only to one credit bureau.

Cancel RentReporters after 30 days –
It normally costs $59 to sign up with RentReporters. But you can save $10 by using the coupon code: BA969. Contact me if you have trouble with this code for any reason. If you sign up for eRentPayments in addition to RentReporters, you only have to keep RentReporters until your previous rental history shows on your credit report. If your landlord is cooperating with you to report your current and future rent payments with eRentPayments, you can cancel RentReporters so you don’t have to keep paying the $10 a month.

Roomates/Spouses –
Both services allow a way for roommates or spouses to also get their rent payments reported to credit bureaus.


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